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Our Mission

We aim at transforming businesses by endowing organizations with an analytical mindset and the proper technological tools, while continuously delivering the organization's Single Source of Truth.

Our Story

Risen from the will to deliver what organizations really need instead of what is more trendy or profitable for the Service Provider, the name itself means more than meets the eye!

From our extensive experience, most customers are, up and foremost, in desperate need of someone to help map the business needs, define their Data Strategy, and support Data Delivery with a solid and adequate Data Architecture.

The well-known and branded Gartner Hype Cycle claims to provide a graphical and conceptual presentation of the maturity of emerging technologies, including Analytics.

Nowadays, all that IT Service Providers try and push is Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning... So many steps are being skipped.

So, with this in mind, Beyond the Hype is where We commit ourselves to taking our customers.

Let's address fashionable technology when the foundations of truthfull and scalable data are in place.

The founders go way back since college. 

Pedro Bailão and João Paulo Almeida met in FEUP in 1997 and pursued very different careers after finishing the degree.

Pedro went to CPC, later named Glintt, after acquisition and immediately embraced Business Intelligence & Analytics.

From BI trainee to Software Development Unit Lead, with more than 80 software engineers, and later Advanced Analytics BU Lead, the trip was truly special. 

João Paulo began his career by developing projects for the Utilities market. His path quickly focused on management as he became the IT manager for an Utilities company in Porto. There, he identified a series of shortcomings in data management and founded Go-Ready and created a series of products that manage in a systematic and logical manner. The result of this journey and this work is Go Ready, an innovative interface solutions that enables quick decisions supported by systematic and rigorous knowledge, and the number one partner of Beyond the Hype. 

Experienced Leadership

Meet The Team


Pedro Bailão

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CTO & Co-Founder

Data & Analytics Expert


João Paulo Almeida

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Managing Director & Co-Founder

Tech Entrepreneur


Rui Oliveira

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Data Delivery

BI Specialist

André mugshot.jpeg

André Freitas

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Data Engineering

Senior Data Engineer

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